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CEREC Same Day Crowns

How It Works

CEREC technology delivers a seamless dental experience in four simple steps.

1. Digital impression – We capture an image of the area to be treated with an intraoral scanner.

2. Tooth design in 3D – A 3D model of your teeth and your new restoration are immediately created on the computer.

3. In-house production – The restoration is then quickly milled from a ceramic block directly in the clinic.

4. Placement – We place your custom-fit restoration, during the same visit.

Restorative Dentistry, Wolverhampton

Hygiene benefits with Single-Visit Dentistry made by CEREC

Intraoral scanning offers maximum hygiene standards. Biting on unpleasant traditional impression materials could increase the risk of infection. With digital impressions made by CEREC you will experience a comfortable scan of your teeth under one minute. Various disinfection options not only eleminates the risk of crosscontamination but also keeps intraoral scanning safe.

CEREC Same Day Crowns are a time-saving treatment with long-term stability. Every step of the treatment will be done in a single visit. With CEREC you can avoid the need for temporaries and instead benefit from highly esthetic and high-quality restorations with no follow-up appointment.

Thanks to a fast treatment your travel and waiting times will be reduced, limiting social interactions.

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We Offer

• Free Interest Credit
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• Implants (Straumann)
• Restorative Crowns & Bridges
• Private Dentures
• Whitening
• Hygienist
• Denplan & NHS


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